Who I am

I’m a digital artist from Spain (based in Badalona) selling art prints as well as doing commissioned and freelance work. I also often go by Rowye, a nickname I kept from many years ago and that I still sign my artwork with.

What I do

I create to my soul’s demand. While I delved into many art forms in years past, nowadays all my efforts go into digital art. For the last decade I learned how to manipulate photos and then slowly moved away from it in search of a more encompassing style that allows both illustrative painting and 3D as much as photography.

Most of my work relates to dark and fantasy themes, lately also taking interest in exploring the psychology of the human mind and what’s been lost; instinct, intuition, our connection with the land.

Also, I’m a sucker for a beautiful landscape, I just am.

How I do it

I work every day. As an artist I see my journey as a path towards improvement and a lot of what I do has to do with my art in one way or another.

I learned to use Photoshop way before I made a career of it, and nowadays it’s my main tool. I also use 3D software to build characters, for light and color reference and to tighten up or preview compositions.

Who I look up to

Since my very youth I’ve been a huge H.R.Giger fan, I’ve also followed Dave McKean’s art closely for the last 25 years. I absolutely love Rembrandt for his darkest paintings and Gustav Klimt for pretty much everything he created. Nowadays I also study many concept designers and matte painters, as I just really enjoy their environment work.

A little more about me

Music has been a driving force for most of my life and I’ve played the drums all along. Nowadays I play in a couple bands which are slowly but steadily taking off (Neblia, Coure).

I also love traveling (who doesn’t?) and I’ve lived abroad for 5 years. I am fairly obsessed with megaliths, especially more unknown ones where I can be alone with the stones. I’m into behavioral psychology and video games (hah!). I speak three languages, two of them were pre-installed. Most of my nights out are to see live music. I don’t like it when my feet get cold. I dislike tea, but I love chocolate tea. I love meat, but I also love animals. I’m a person with contradictions, but I’ve said enough.

Thanks for visiting!