Who I am

I’m a digital artist from Spain (based in Badalona) doing commissioned and freelance illustration work, and starting my adventure in game development. I also often go by Rowye, a nickname I kept from many years ago and that I still sign my artwork with.

What I do

I create driven by a deep passion for artistic expression that shapes my daily life. My background spans a spectrum of visual arts, including digital art, video editing, 3D modeling, and web design. Recently, I’ve expanded my expertise to include coding, which has allowed me to delve into the realm of game development.

My work consistently gravitates towards dark and fantasy themes, with a particular interest in the intricate workings of the human mind—our latent instincts, intuition, and our intrinsic connection to nature.

Moreover, I have a profound appreciation for the artistry in landscapes, which continues to inspire aspects of my creative work.

How I do it

Art is my daily pursuit, a path to constant evolution. My toolkit has expanded from Photoshop, a cornerstone of my practice, to 3D modeling, which shapes characters and scenes. Now, game development joins this ensemble, blending coding with creativity to bring interactive worlds to life.

A little more about me

Music has been a driving force for most of my life and I’ve played the drums all along. Nowadays I play in a couple bands which are slowly but steadily taking off (Neblia, Coure).

I also love traveling (who doesn’t?) and I’ve lived abroad for 5 years. I am fairly obsessed with megaliths, especially more unknown ones where I can be alone with the stones. I’m into behavioral psychology and video games (hah!). I speak three languages, two of them were pre-installed. Most of my nights out are to see live music. I don’t like it when my feet get cold. I dislike tea, but I love chocolate tea. I love meat, but I also love animals. I’m a person with contradictions, but I’ve said enough.

Thanks for visiting!