My name is Roger and I’m from Badalona, in Spain. Most of my existence has been driven by my need to create. I’ve drawn, sculpted and painted. Made music, videos, 3D, animations, websites and any other kind of art I have been able to get my hands on. If you need anything graphic chances are I can help you.


Roger is a wildly talented designer, he brings a unique artistic eye to his projects. He is always creative and very smart in what he does. He is obsessively detail-oriented and wholly original in everything he does. He has his eye on the big picture and the smallest detail at the same time, and has the ability to bring a fresh approach to any project. He designed my website and logo from an abstract vision I had and created something one Corporate Communications person commented “I’ve not seen anything like it, this is fantastic!”.
Not only is he talented and experienced as an artist, he is great to work with, patient, flexible and determined that you walk away thrilled with your project. I would recommend Roger’s services to anyone looking for quality, commitment and a brilliant execution.

-Vicki Petrella (Alchemy Healing Arts)

The website Roger Creus developed and designed for my business changed my life. I have nothing but good to say about his work. Since going live with the new site last year, I have tripled my business and productivity. He achieved all of my needs with impeccable commitment and an innovative flare. The project was no easy task, with a ton of content and a diverse range of needs, he easily integrated everything. The site is easily navigated, professional and beautiful to browse through. I am absolutely in love with my website! Thank you Digital Rowye!

-Denise Cumor (Dirty Mother Productions)

Roger was not only easy to work with and willing to tailor to our exact needs but also creative and able to create a colorful diverse website that carries a professional design and functionality. Even as years go by and updates/changes happen Rowye continues to be easy to work with and incredibly professional. This artist clearly understood the need for colorful and uplifting design for our website and created something that not only is as inspiring as our theme but also welcoming to our audience members.

-Hollis Taylor (Diversitree)

Biography / Press Kit

That day

Born in Badalona in 1977, Roger Creus learned in his early years that the way of creation was going to be a constant in his life. At 10 he was fast into the world of comic books and soon he drew his own, first copying the masters and then making his own from scratch. A few years later he studied at the Pau Gargallo Arts School in Badalona where he was taught the basics of illustration, technical drawing, sculpting and history of art. During that time, he’d learn to play drums and focus on music for the longest, later on starting his own solo electronic projects. Meanwhile, he had been learning how to use Photoshop to create digital media. At that time, this talent was reserved only to making art for his own music or personal projects.


In 2003 Roger expanded his horizons delving into the world of 3D graphics and creating levels for computer games, as well as rendering simple 3D scenes. He also began to toy with video editing and creating digital content such as textures, small banners and websites. In the year 2010, he began a new adventure that would take him to move to the United States. This life changing experience brought him back to arts and to fully focus on graphic expression.

This day

Now back in Barcelona, Roger has created websites for clients abroad (Alchemy Healing, and in Spain, looking for a personal touch that makes every site unique and adding small pieces of his art to the designs.
He has made CD covers for several bands (Glassfish Electronics, In Pink We Trust), designed logos (Arrenkapins, Man Of The Floor), made covers for the Green Egg Magazine and restored and retouched old damaged pictures, expanding his Photoshop skills. He has received the Daily Deviation award thrice, having his artowrks officially featured by DeviantArt, and his art has been featured over a hundred times by the website’s users (see all the features here).

Rowye’s digital art and illustration is sometimes fantastic, sometimes mystical, sometimes raw and crude. His influences are diverse, from classics like Rembrandt to Klimt, Dave McKean, other photomanipulators, matte painters or even video games. This translates into his art sometimes in huge landscapes, others in darker and more intimate pieces. He’s also delved often into the humoristic side of it all, portraying roadkill victims running over humans, frogs marrying each other, and other hilarious situations.

Nowadays he favors the art photomanipulation. Sort of like a digital collage, the image in his mind translates to his artworks through his own and other people’s photos, all together in a canvas. He is aldo adding 3D elements as of late, which he digitally sculpts. Both, techniques that have been used extensively in movies/books cover art and also in matte painting for filmmaking.
Roger’s art is a continuous exploration into anything Photoshop and, most important, into his psyche. His commitment to personal growth walks along his art and as such, each piece is a new experiment, a new outlet to write his heart down. But he is doing it without any words…

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