Prints, signed digital copies and more.
Here’s a list of all my stores with a small preview of what they offer.
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Prints, T-Shirts, Phone and Ipad cases and more stuff

Redbubble offers high quality, somewhat ecologic printing on all sorts of products, ranging from regular to high quality art prints, phone cases or t-shirts, to even cups, pillows, clocks or notebooks.

Much like Redbubble, Society6 prints on all sorts of surfaces such as clothing, cups and home decor.


DeviantArt offers a wide variety of prints in all types and sizes, from simple posters to canvas or metal high quality fine art prints. DeviantArt is my most extensive gallery and you can find prints for all of my personal works there.

Signed Digital Copies

“Digital art is highly replicable and transmissible, in fact, the value of the work only goes up as you share it more broadly. The message with collecting in a digital age is less and less “I want you to know how powerful I am – I own this thing that nobody else can own” and is instead “I want you to know I support this artist because their work is awesome, and I’m excited to share it with as many people as possible.”

Digital art is infinitely copyable. MakersPlace is part of a movement that is trying to protect the rights of digital artists. It uses blockchain software to provide digital artists a way to authorize a particular amount of editions or an edition of their work, provide solid unchanging proof of this (authentication) and also provide a record of ownership.

MakersPlace works over the Ethereum blockchain but also accepts other forms of payment so involvement with crypto currencies is not required.

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