Darkenstein 3-D

Embark on a thrilling journey through the enemy territory in Darkenstein 3-D.
Inspired by classic first-person shooters like Wolfenstein and Doom, this retro shooter is a tribute to the games we love with a quirky twist.

Embody the rage of the Hobo Guy, a fearless American drifter who’s made enemies everywhere. Stranded on the mean streets of 1940’s Germany, he’s got nothing left but a dog and a chip on his shoulder. No one’s gonna help him now, so he’s ready to tear this city apart when everything is lost.

The Nazis have stolen your beloved dog, Gunther, in a raid. As you enter the castle to get him back, you quickly realize that you must fight your way through the German army and other enemy factions to reach your goal.

With aim-based shooting and classic weapons, Darkenstein 3-D offers a unique and challenging experience. The intense gameplay is further heightened by headshot hitsounds and no reloading mechanics.

With 12 levels that get bigger and harder, you’ll need to find the keys, secrets, and power-ups to get to the end. Start in Wolfenstein 3D inspired levels and end your mission in RtcW inspired ones.

Get some backup from your rat companion who will ravage Nazi faces. Additionally, use grenades, mines, and other items to take out the enemy.

With enemy gibs and fun ragdolls, obliterating your enemies in Darkenstein 3-D is a feast for the eyes.

Darkenstein 3-D is a true free gaming experience, rid of the painful in-game stores, microtransactions, lootboxes or battlepasses.

With a projected duration of 5-6 hours and 12 maps, Darkenstein 3-D is the result of three years of learning game development by a solo developer. The full release is coming soon, and early builds can easily be found by googling the game. Get psyched for an unforgettable retro shooter adventure in Darkenstein 3-D!