Quake III Arena

The Hive is a small space Quake 3 map. It’s a simple battlefield, made of three humungous towers and a couple of off-land bases, and it tries to pick up from the late Q3 maps like Q3DM17 and such, with Railgun and Quad Damage action aplenty.

Of course, at some point there was an ILLDM1, but it’s been lost. I remade it in Doom 3 and that disappeared into the ether probably with the same hard drive.

Luckily, that was not The Hive’s fate, and you can download it in the link below.

You can play this map by downloading it here:
MIRROR 1: digitalrowye.com

This was my most advanced Quake III Arena map, and another casualty of time and broken HDDs. Gladly these shots were in one of my old websites so I could recover them, but I no longer have the map files.

The map featured a lot of custom textures and a very rounded layout, porting my knowledge of Enemy Territory mapping to Quake III as explained by Sock (Splash Damage) at the time.

Terrain texture blending was not a Q3 feature though it appears here, and curve shading was improved for this version. The map was large, intricate and had decent gameplay.

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