Wrath of the Tyrant takes name and concept from one of my older projects (see below), and gives the classic Doom new horror vibes, at least for the beginning of the map.
It’s filled with scares and traps, and it devolves into a red hell at the end.

This is about 30-40 minutes long and has 10 secrets, many custom enemies, and many custom textures, aside from the nice modern lighting the great GZDoom allows us to create nowadays.

Ever since I started messing with playing custom Doom and (specially) GZDoom maps and mods, I have been wanting to try it out. And here we are with my first GZDoom map, made in 2023.
What I discovered is: building classic Doom maps is maybe the fastest and and most creative way to build maps. So much that I’m studying grayboxing in Doom to later port it to other platforms.

You can play this map by downloading it here:

A remake of my very first Quake III map, which unfortunately is no longer with us. This one is alive though and I have some recorded footage adn screenshots that will improve the current ones.

It’s a mostly indoor map with several treacherous holes and it has an outdoor part where one can fall too. Clearly I liked to torture the players back then but the gameplay is quite fast and not very punishing in the end.

You can play this map by downloading it here:

The original Wrath of the Tyrant was made for Doom 3 and it was an hour (or so) long high horror map, based more on the ambience and manufactured combat scenarios than just crazy uncontrolled combat.

Sadly, I have only been able to recover these screenshots of an early version from one of my old websites, but both the better screenshots and the actual files have been lost to the heavens of dead hard drives.

The map had a boss fight for which I made a music track (of the same name), but while it was 99% finished, the map had a couple of game breaking bugs that didn’t allow me to make it public at the time.

Darkenstein 3-DWolfenstein: ET