Wolfenstein: ET

The third and last map I published for Enemy Territory.
It’s a small map with extremely vertical gameplay as it’s a 6 floor tavern and Allies must reach the very top. Designed to be good for 3v3 and great for 4v4 and very focused on the looks.

At this time I was having a lot of fun making the maps pretty and maybe not paying enough attention to the gameplay, though this is still a decent time so long as the server has maximum 12 players.

You can play this map by downloading it here, (the external link has a waypoints file for bots that my link does not):
MIRROR 1: fearless-assassins.com
MIRROR 2: digitalrowye.com

The second map/s I made for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.
Again they are rather small maps, both very close, as Tournament Editions usually are just modified regular maps.

The TE version is set in the winter so that players can more easily see each other and the enemy and it has a couple new routes you can take to make up for the pretty nasty bottlenecks the regular vesion can have.

These maps are rarely played nowadays but back in the day they were featured in several servers and used in a couple competitions as well.

You can download these maps here:
RAW Castle TE: fearless-assassins.com
RAW Castle: ET.Trackbase.net

This was the first map I ever made for any game. I was currently playing ET and had a lot of frieds I could test the maps with so it was a sure shot to do it there.

Someone posted a King of the Hill script that changed the main game mode to KOTH and I adapted it for my map. Standing stones have always been one of the things that fascinate me the most, so the theme was also easy to come up with.

Players spawn by the outskirts and the flag is in the middle of the stone circle. The one who has their team’s flag up longer wins the game.

You can download this map here:
MIRROR 1: fearless-assassins.com
MIRROR 2: digitalrowye.com

This was going to be the second public CAHA map, following Tavern, but unfortunately it was never finished.

I worked on this project for around two months non stop but in the end I realized the map was too flat for interesting gameplay and modifying it would take another month or so, which still didn’t guarantee the gameplay would be nice, so I eventually stopped working on it.

However this is by far the most advanced map I made for Enemy Territory, as at this time I was very comfortable with q3map2 and the more modern techniques, such as non-terrain texture blending which I used on the houses’ walls.

The origin of the whole CAHA series and one that never saw the light of day.
The idea was to create a 20 minutes long movie with the chinese location; Crouching Ally Hidden Axis.

As it happens, this proved to be a project far too big for its own good. Creating the maps was too much work for what the aspirations were and it was finally canned.

Seven maps were made for this and they all diferent from each other and large… However, sadly only these 3 screenshots have managed to escape the void of the broken hard drives and the long gone websites.

DoomQuake III Arena